If you have painful burns from radiation therapy, then Kool Relief is for you.

Instantly relieves radiation burns by instantly cooling your skin

Simply press the Kool Relief Disc to your burn area, that's all there is to it.

Radiation Breast Relief

The Medical Grade Aluminum rapidly draws heat out of your skin and releases it into the air

It’s portable and it lasts forever

All Body radiation Relief

It always stays cool and is ready to use anytime without the need to put it in the refrigerator.

No batteries, no messy creams or sticky gels

It’s portable and it lasts forever

It’s been tested by cancer patents and it works!

Radiation Relief Products For You

Say goodbye to painful burns with Kool Relief

If money is a matter in your decision? Consider this:

You will spend over $100.00 to refill liquids & gels during your treatment. Kool Relief works the first time you use it, until the last time you need it.

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