Did you know, RADIATION BURNS (RADIATION DERMATITIS) can take up to 90 days to show & become painful?

Kool Relief for Radiation burns and radiation Dermatitis pain and discomnfort.

I’m not kidding, 95% of radiation patients experience RADIATION BURNS (RADIATION DERMATITIS). If you're one of them, the results can be painful . Despite painful results, common treatments are lotions, creams and gels.

Your doctor might offer you skin care products for RADIATION BURNS (RADIATION DERMATITIS). Applying these products to your skin don't offer instant pain relief.

For some, the discomfort can be excruciating. Moderate RADIATION BURNS (RADIATION DERMATITIS) can result in a decreased quality of life.

Topical skin treatments are unable to relieve your inflammation pain and discomfort. Severe RADIATION BURNS (RADIATION DERMATITIS) can delay or change your treatment. Such changes could compromise the effectiveness of your treatment

Here’s something you might not know about. Damaged tissue isn’t skin deep, damage will be along the entire radiation beams path. The irritation of your tissue will result in RADIATION BURNS (RADIATION DERMATITIS). Your burns will generate heat that over taxes your body’s natural defenses.

RADIATION BURNS (RADIATION DERMATITIS) are usually treated for skin damage. Damage from heat irritation is rarely checked. fast heat removal saves healthy tissue from damage, while neutralizing your pain.

Thermal testing during radiation therapy had the following results. Temperatures rose 4 to 8.5 degrees in radiation treated tissue, over the body’s base line temperature. Consider this: Lotions and creams have no effect on a fever, why use them for your Inflammation heat?

All body cancer radiation therapy relief for Radiation Burns and Radiation Dermatitis

Say goodbye to painful burns with Kool Relief

Let me show you how kool relief will help your radiation burns (radiation dermatitis). I know, you’re skeptical right? It all comes down to this, simple basic First Aid “Cool the burn and avoid the pain”. Let me show you exactly how this works. Our design only lets heat travel one way. We use Thermodynamics to control heat flow. When you remove heat from an item all that remains is cold. Understanding that without heat their is only cold, describes Thermodynamics. When the cold(cool) surface of Kool Relief makes contact with your skin, heat is then pulled out of the burned area. With the absence of heat your body will feel a cool sensation that calms and soothes the pain & discomfort.

Testing done by Radiation Therapy patents and it works!

What this means for you is simple. The instant Kool Relief touches your skin, inflammation heat leaves your body. Not only is your skin cooled, but the tissue under the skin is also cooled taking away your pain. Let me be a bit more specific, when the inflammation heat leaves your body you will get a cooling relief.

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Say goodbye to painful burns with Kool Relief

Kool Relief provides natuaral, non-chemical relief to RADIATION BURNS (RADIATION DERMATITIS) without delay. Always cool to the touch without refrigeration, but never cold as ice.

The best part is that it’s compact, portable with a discreet design for privacy and ease of use. What’s more there is no mess, wetness or stickiness to clothes like lotions and creams

Kool Relief is hand machined from medical safe aluminum alloy. Using the highest quality materials makes Kool Relief Dishwasher safe for cleaning. While being recyclable aluminum and ABS plastic. Safe for you and the environment. Kool Relief is made in the U.S.A. for your pain relief.

What does all this mean to you?

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