Instant Relief For Your Radiation (Dermatitis) Burn Pain & Discomfort

Take Control Of Your Breast Cancer Radiation Therapy Burn Pain With Kool Relief

My sister in law uses

"My sister in law uses it and finds that she does get relief from the radiation when she is using it. She showed it to me and I was impressed with how well it was manufactured. Thank you"

Jay F.

Not All Radiation Results In Breast Burns, So I Now Offer A Kool Relief For Other Areas Burned By Radiation Therapy

Treating the Inflammation of Radiation Therapy with lotions and creams just doesn’t help with your Pain and Discomfort caused by Radiation Therapy Burns. I designed Kool Relief to pull the destructive heat out of your inflammation, while providing a cooling sensation that instantly soothes the Pain and Discomfort you feel from the burn.

Needing to apply lotions and creams at quicker intervals than the manufacture recommends, because you’re not feeling the expected relief is common. I found that skin damage is only a part of the damaged area needing attention. The sole purpose of Radiation Treatment is to kill your cancer cells at the same depth as the tumor. Radiation Therapy will inflame your tissue at the tumor bed outward to the location where the beam penetrates the skin. Kool Relief provides you Relief to the entire Radiation Therapy site, not just the skin like lotions and creams.

Routine daily activities can leave you in desperate need to apply more of a lotion or cream, only to be in public without any privacy. I made Kool Relief to be versatile and easy to use in any situation. It’s simple, place in hand and touch area of discomfort and feel the cool relief. No need to disrobe or compromise your modesty. Kool Relief is dry relief without any moisture that might transfer to clothing like lotions and creams.

I make each Kool Relief here in the USA. Each unit is machined out of the highest quality medical grade Aluminum. The hand ring is made of ABS plastic making Kool Relief environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable. I can assure you that Kool Relief is guaranteed to work the first time you use it until the last time you need it.

If money is a matter in your decision? Consider this:

It may appear that purchasing lotions and creams will save you money, however an average radiation treatment period can require 2-3 times your original purchase. A onetime purchase of Kool Relief will last you forever, making it the most inexpensive product on the market. Regardless of insurance your treatments can take a financial toll. I've worked hard to insure that Kool Relief is the most affordable product for you.


"As my mom advanced in her radiation treatments there was intense burning. The creams that she was told to use did not provide the same relief as Kool Relief. Drawing the heat away makes so much sense. I wonder if the creams may be holding the heat in, especially the thick Vaseline type that just block the skins pores. This works. Thank you Mark"


Radiation Therapy (Dermatitis) Burn pain and discomfort can effect your quality of life. The treatment of Cancer demands so much from you and your body.Don’t keep enduring pain & discomfort that feels like it will never end. Take control of your Radiation Burn pain with Kool Relief. get your Kool Relief Now It’s only a click away.

My guarantee is simple. If it doesn't work for you, send it back. I'll refund your purchase

Each design was created for a member of my family experiencing pain, before I sold them publicly.

I just ask that if it fails to work for you, please contact me. I would like to do everything I can to help you get the relief you expect. Your comfort is so much more important to me than the money you paid for Kool Relief....Mark