Radiation Therapy Breast Burn Relief

Feel Instant Comfort & Cooling From Burn Pain & Discomfort

Smooth dished surface to cup and maximize breast surface contact. This side pulls heat caused by radiation therapy inflammation from the breast tissue.

The top surface contain machined fins that face away from your body. As heat passes through the Kool Relief, the fins transfer heat to the surrounding air.


Radiation Dermatitis (radiation tissue burns) on and around the breasts can be excruciatingly painful and can affect your quality of life. Kool Relief allows you to take control of your radiation burn pain.

Say goodbye to painful burns with Kool Relief


  • Special curve design for instant relief from breast cancer radiation therapy burns.
  • Removes inflammation heat which creams and lotions can’t.
  • Never needs to be replaced, serviced or repaired.
  • No batteries or electricity needed.
  • Never expires.
  • Compact, discreet design for privacy and ease of use.
  • Use anyplace and anytime during and after treatment period.
  • Medically safe aluminum.
  • No mess, wetness or stickiness to clothes like lotions and creams.
  • Dishwasher safe for cleaning.
  • Recyclable aluminum and ABS plastic. Safe for you and the environment.


My sister in law uses

"My sister in law uses it and finds that she does get relief from the radiation when she is using it. She showed it to me and I was impressed with how well it was manufactured. Thank you"

J. F. CA.

Don't Wait!

"This works - I was a few weeks into my radiation treatment,when my pink skin turned very red. My pain went from manageable to overload.I had been using some over the counter products, I even ordered the cream on line that my doctor suggested. I thought I was lucky and these products were working until I turned red. I went back on line and found Kool Relief, As luck would have it I turned red on Friday afternoon and it was late into the evening before I decided to give it a try and order one. I was pleasantly surprised when it showed up on Tuesday as they shipped it priority mail. I'm so thankful that they got it to me so quick. The best advice I can give anyone questioning this product is: Order it before you turn red! I didn't and I thought my wait would never end! Thank You Kool Relief for a great product."

A. W. AZ.