Kool Relief Radiation Therapy Breast Unit

Smooth dished surface to cup and maximize Breast surface contact. This is the side that pulls the heat caused by radiation Therapy  inflammation from the Breast Tissue.

The top surface contains machined fins that face away from your body. As inflammation heat passes through the Kool Relief the fins aid in transferring the heat to the surrounding air.

"You can't make cold, cold happens when you remove the heat"

J. Bishop​



Radiation Therapy (Dermatitis) Burn pain and discomfort can effect your quality of life. The treatment of Cancer demands so much from you and your body.Don't keep enduring pain & discomfort that feels like it will never end. Take control of your Radiation Burn pain with Kool Relief. get your Kool Relief Now It's only a click away.
  • Instant Breast Cancer Radiation Therapy burn pain relief
  • Benefits of a Thermodynamic solution removes inflammation heat, something  creams and lotions containing chemicals can't do.
  • Nothing to ever service or replace - no batteries or electronics
  • Compact discreet design for privacy and ease of use
  • Use anyplace-anytime during treatment period and after treatments as well
  • Medically safe aluminum
  • No mess or wetness to stick to clothes like lotions and creams
  • Dishwasher safe for cleaning
  • Recyclable- Aluminum and ABS plastic - Safe for you and the environment