Breast Cancer Radiation Therapy Burn Pain Relief

When you start feeling discomfort from radiation burn pain, you’ll look for help. Everyone will be quick with an opinion, but how could they know your pain. They can’t know your burn pain, until they experience it for themselves. Trying to stay positive, while the burn pain increases weekly can also be difficult. Those that try to help including your doctor will recommend lotions, creams or gels for the burns. I tried several of these products only to find they moisturized my skin, but did nothing for the pain. With every radiation session my skin became more cherry red and I felt like I was on fire! I felt like I could feel the heat on my hand when I moved it close to the burn. Covering my burn with clothing made it feel hotter and more painful. No matter how hard I pushed and rubbed I couldn’t get relief to where the pain was coming from. I would also get these sharp electrical shocks traveling through my burn. The shocks would leave as quickly as they began. My life changed when I started complaining about my pain, while my family was visiting!