Kool Relief And A Need For Change

I’m Mark and I'm the owner & inventor of Kool Relief. If you have found my website, chances are that you or someone you know is being burned by Radiation treatments. Some will say that innovation comes from a need, in my case it was desperation. When Cancer and Radiation Therapy became a part of my loved ones lives that resulted in Radiation Dermatitis (Radiation tissue Burns), like yourself I took to the internet to find help for my loved ones. The products I found didn’t address pain in a timely manner or were medicated with limitations on the frequency of use. I soon resigned to my workshop frustrated and feeling that it was unacceptable that my loved ones are doing their best to fight their cancer only to keep being left in pain from the Radiation Side effects. With the help and input from my loved ones, I created what is known today as Kool Relief. With the encouragement and support of my loved ones I started offering Kool Relief to those in need outside of my family.It would be my honor to make you a Kool Relief. I can promise you that my family and loved ones are very important to me. If I wasn’t able to offer them a solution for the pain that worked, I wouldn’t be here today offering it to you.