Kool Relief And A Need For Change

The journey to create a device that could provide relief to patients burned from radiation treatments started when a loved one was diagnosed with breast cancer and provided radiation therapy as part of her treatment.

Like most cancer patients, the radiation therapy resulted in radiation dermatitis. All the products and medications that were suggested worked to help the skin heal, but none addressed the existing pain and discomfort caused by the burns.

Frustrated, desperate, and feeling it was unacceptable for loved ones to further suffer while fighting cancer with additional pain and discomfort from the side effects of radiation therapy, I began working on what is known today as Kool Relief.

The inventor of Kool Relief had thorough knowledge of engineering principles and researched how best to draw heat from burned tissue. The most efficient mechanism he found for heat exchange was the heat sink.

A heat sink is best known for its use in computers. It is a passive heat exchanger that transfers the heat generated by an electronic or a mechanical device to a fluid medium, often air or a liquid coolant, where it is dissipated away from the device, thereby allowing regulation of the device's temperature at optimal levels.

Further study and research found that medical grade aluminum could serve as an efficient heat sink for the human body. Adding the ‘blades’ into the design increased the surface area to carry out heat exchange more rapidly. Testing on the loved one provided the immediate relief the inventor envisioned. Further volunteers were enlisted, and test results again proved to be immensely successful.

If you have found our Kool Relief website, chances are you or someone you care about is also suffering from burns as a result of radiation treatments. It would be my honor to make a Kool Relief for you.

Mark L., Inventor and Owner of Kool Relief