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My sister in law uses

"My sister in law uses it and finds that she does get relief from the radiation when she is using it. She showed it to me and I was impressed with how well it was manufactured. Thank you"

J. F. CA.


"As my mom advanced in her radiation treatments there was intense burning. The creams that she was told to use did not provide the same relief as Kool Relief. Drawing the heat away makes so much sense. I wonder if the creams may be holding the heat in, especially the thick Vaseline type that just block the skins pores. This works. Thank you Mark"

‚ÄčE. D. NH 

TO: Kool Relief


"On March 28, 2016, I had surgery on my face to remove a cancerous growth. It was decided that I should have radiation treatments as a follow up.This procedure would consist of fifteen treatments. I was told that I may experience a burning sensation at the focal point or a visible burn may develop.After my thirteenth treatment I developed a red mark that burned like a sunburn. After the fifteenth treatment a had a burn approximately one inch by three inches on the side of my face. I used a compress with ice to relieve the discomfort. This helped but was messy in regards of having the ice melt and drip plus it was to cold or not cold enough.My step daughter obtained the Kool Relief for me. I found that the Kool relief gave me the perfect amount of coolness that took the discomfort away. It was small enough to hold in the palm of my hand without the dripping of melting water and as the coolness began to fade, all I had to do is wave it in the air to bring back the coolness.The Kool Relief brought instant relief plus I could take it with me anywhere. I began to suffer headaches with a throbbing in the temple area. I found that the Kool Relief helped bring instant relief by placing the Kool Relief over the throbbing area.I found that this product works as described plus it helps me with headaches. I would highly recommend this product to anyone under going radiation treatments As it greatly helps relieve the discomfort."

P. F. CA