Using Thermodynamics For Instant Cool Burn Relief

How It Works

Kool Relief is designed using the principles of thermodynamics. By creating a thermal imbalance in the palm sized medical grade aluminum disk, heat can only travel one way. When the smooth cupped side of the disk is applied to the burned breast, heat is drawn out and dissipated into the air on the opposite side. As heat can only leave the disk it becomes cool, giving the burned area a cooling sensation taking away the pain caused by the burn.

Many industries have been using these principles for over a hundred years. You can see examples of it everywhere you look—Computers, Electronics, Motors and LED lights. These units are known as Heatsinks and Kool Relief is the only company to offer it for burns on the human body.

Radiation Therapy over taxes the natural thermodynamic abilities of your body causing pain and discomfort. Kool relief was designed to aid the body by pulling the damaging heat from the radiated area and sending it out of the body. As the heat flows away from your body you get the added benefit of a cool sensation on your skin that instantly relieves the burn pain and discomfort....